Nam Pla Wan Dipping Sauce

I’m not fond of eating unripe and sour mango but my sisters were able to convince me to eat not only one but three of them when they introduced me to Nam Pla Wan dipping sauce!

The combination of sweet, sour and spicy makes this dipping sauce palatable and could make the once avoided unripe green mango appetizing!

We bought this dipping sauce at 7//11 store for 99 Thb ($3). Now, it’s all consumed and I’m itching to buy one more bottle to dip not only green mango but also guava, cucumber and even raw string beans!

Movado Bold Large Crystal Museum Watch

Happy Women’s International Day! To celebrate this day, online shopping stores offer great discount so that you could choose great items to gift to your woman:) What do you have in mind? For me I like this style of Movado watch:

This Movado Bold Large Crystal Museum Watch costs $450.00. It’s already so expensive for me because I don’t have that kind of budget for watch alone but it’s really my kind of watch to covet in the near future. As of now, it stays on my wishlist.

Tiramisu Flavor Cornetto

I’ve always been a chocolate-flavored-ice cream-kind-of-gal but yesterday I chose another flavor of cornetto -Tiramisu . Tiramisu is a popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert. When make it into ice-cream flavor, there is a mild coffee flavor in your first bite, but it is quickly sweetened by the caramel sauce and whipped topping. I think the added chocolate flakes are perfect garnish.

The Voice and Rice Cracker

What’s your favorite pastime? I seldom have free time but this month I have free time in the afternoon right after our 3-hour English Summer Class. I love to watch “The Voice” because it’s thrilling to watch whether the coaches will turn for one great singer or not. Also, I love how each coach “sell” themselves in order to be picked as the singer’s coach.

Right now, I’m watching the Battle Round with a plateful of rice crackers served with minced chicken and prawn Sauce. I could feel the tense of the contestants that couldn’t be hidden with all those chauvet impulse 648 led strobe that serve as flood light.

Green Tea Flavor Cornetto

My sister loves green tea so when I bought cornetto for her yesterday, I thought this green tea flavor ice cream would be perfect for her and she loves it!

I have yet to try this flavor but according to her , the taste is not over powering and it’s not too sweet either. That sounds good to me.

How about you? What kind of flavor do you favor from cornetto?